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Charisma Nail Innovations

Charisma Nail Innovations

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acrylic powders

Acrylic Powders

Poly-pure polymer technology for long-lasting, durable enhancements

essential nail products


Everything you need to prep natural nail to increase adhesion of product and seal it

sculpting gels

Sculpting Gels

Hema free hard gels created to sculpt and for overlays

color powders

Color Powders

Extra fine, well pigmented and fast setting acrylic powders created to work with 3D art and to create backgrounds

gel paints

Gel Paints

Create amazing nail art with highly pigmented Gel Paints. No inhibition layer, 30 seconds cure, work with chrome powders

electric file products

Electric File Products

Everything you need to work with E-File Diamond, Fluted bits and Electric File Oil

brushes and implements

Brushes & Implements

High Quality brushes and implements for gel and acrylic enhancements

Nail Forms & Tips

Nail Forms & Tips

Press On Nails, tips, nail forms for acrylic and gel sculpting

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Charisma Nail Innovations

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