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Gel Paint Container

Gel Paints

Gel Paint Art1

Charisma Nail Gel Paints

  • Well pigmented gel paint designed for nail art
  • Each jar contains 4g of gel
  • Curing time 30 sec in LED/UV Lamp
  • No inhibition layer after curing
  • Shiny after curing

Charisma Gel Paint works very well with chrome powders.

Since it has no inhibition layer, you can make designs and apply chrome powder directly on top of it once it’s cured.

Gel Paint Art 3
black gel paint
aqua gel paint
brown gel paint
chartreuse gel paint
hot pink gel paint
pale gold gel paint
periwinkle gel paint
red brown gel paint
red gel paint
skin gel paint
violet gel paint
viridian gel paint
white gel paint
yellow gel paint
blue gel paint

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