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brushes and implements

Brushes & Implements

Sculpting Brush

​Handcrafted by Japanese brush experts, Charisma Nail Innovations brushes are made of the finest Kolinsky sable. Each brush features a custom-sized, shorter wooden handle made to fit comfortably in your hand. Sculpting Brush #10: Ideal for sculpting acrylic nails and overlaying. Designed with a crimped side and pointed top to apply even, controlled pressure through application. The pointed tip creates defined, crisp smile lines and controls product at cuticle area and with small applications. Sculpting Brush #8: Great for fill work. Performs the same duties as Sculpting Brush #10, but on smaller nails.

sculpting brushes

Design Brush

Charisma Nail Innovations Design Brush Round #4: This design acrylic brush is perfect for intricate detail and finishing work. Features a fine precision top.

Usage: Can be used with all liquid-and-powder systems.

design brush

Gel Brush

Charisma Nail Innovations Angular Gel Brush #6 is designed to be work with all types of gel. It was designed with an angle to make application near the cuticle easy to perfect.

gel brush

Brush Caps

Charisma Nail Innovations brush caps fit on all of the brushes in the collection. They are essential for protecting your brush.

Available Color: Pink and Black

brush caps

Pinching Tong

Charisma Nail Innovations Pinching Tong is made of excellent quality stainless steel, (rust resistant). This implement is sanitize-able and soak-able

Usage: This implement is developed to shape the perfect C-Curve with even pressure

pinching tong

C-Curve Sticks

Charisma Nail Innovations C-Curve Sticks are the perfect tools for achieving the perfect C-curve. These competition-worthy tools are ideal for refining and perfecting C-curves. Now it’s even easier to transform an artificial enhancement into a natural-looking nail.

Usage: Place under sculpted nail free edge. Use fingers to pinch the nail into shape around the C-Curve Stick.

Available Size: 6 different sizes to fit all nail shapes and sizes

c-curve sticks

Cuticle Pusher

Charisma Nail Innovations Cuticle Pusher is made of excellent quality stainless steel (rust resistant). This implement is sanitize-able and soak-able.
Ergonomically shaped to reduce wrist tension.
The 9 mm spoon end can be used to gently push back the proximal fold.
The slant end of the pusher is to remove non living tissue, without damaging the natural nail.

Usage: Perfect tool for manicure and nail preparation before artificial enhancements.

cuticle pusher

Brush Cleaner

Charisma Nail Innovations Brush Cleaner gently removes excess acrylic and gel residue from brushes. This high-grade cleaner will help keep bristles intact, extending the life of your brush. Keeps you brush in optimal shape and condition.

Usage: Can be used with any acrylic or gel brushes to clean product off of the brush

​Available Sizes: 4 fl. oz; 8 fl. oz

brush cleaner

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