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Acrylic Powder

Charisma Nail Innovations Acrylic Powders combine style with poly-pure polymer technology for long-lasting, durable enhancements. Our fast-setting powders offer superior control and expert workability, while UV inhibitors prevent discoloration. The result is a high-quality product both nail technicians and their clients will love working with and wearing.

  • Advanced poly-pure polymer technology allows the product to better fuse onto the nails, virtually eliminating air bubbles.
  • No crystallization.
  • Softer powder reduces filing time, allows for more flexibility and helps prevent breakage.
  • A drier application results in minimal use of Monomer. Application time may vary depending on climate conditions.
  • Can be used with any liquid.
  • Creamy, controlled application. Product does not run into cuticles.

Usage: Best used with a drier application, but has the versatility to alter the powder-liquid ratio according to the temperature you’re working. For example, a colder environment will require a drier application; a hotter, more humid environment will require a wetter application

Available Shades: Clear, Natural, Pink, White, and Soft White
Available Sizes: 1 oz/ 30ml; 4 oz/ 120ml; 8 oz/ 240ml; 16 oz/ 960ml

acrylic powder clear
acrylic powder pink
acrylic powder natural


Charisma Nail Innovations Monomer provides unparalleled adhesion. Minimal use of color additives means Acrylic powders hold true, resisting fading, yellowing, bleeding and marbleizing.

  • Monomer containing EMA is designed to work without the need for primer.
  • Contains no MMA.
  • Self-levels; formulate with plasticizing agents for more flexibility.
  • Made with advanced chemicals for better adhesion.

Usage: Can be used with all types of powders
Available Sizes: 4oz/ 120ml; 8oz/ 240ml; 16oz/ 480ml; 32oz/ 960ml

liquid monomer 120 ml
liquid monomer 240ml

Acrylic Starter Kit

Combine style and technology for long-lasting, stunning enhancements that virtually eliminate air bubbles and yellowing.

Contains 1 of each:

  • 0.5 oz/ 14 gr. Clear Powder
  • 0.5 oz/ 14 gr. Pink Powder
  • 0.5 oz/ 14 gr. White Powder
  • 2 oz/ 60 ml Monomer
  • 30 Forms
  • ​0.33 oz/ 10 ml Primer
  • 0.5 oz/ 15 ml Dehydrator
  • 0.5 oz/ 15 ml Cuticle Oil
  • 0.5 oz/ 15 ml UV Top Coat
Acrylic Starter Kit

Acrylic Professional Kit

Combine style and technology for long-lasting, stunning enhancements that virtually eliminate air bubbles and yellowing.

Contains 1 of each:

  • 4 oz/ 120 ml Monomer
  • 1 oz/ 28 gr. White Powder
  • 1 oz/ 28 gr.Pink Powder
  • 1 oz/ 28 gr. Clear Powder
  • 1 oz/ 28 gr. Natural Powder
  • 100 Forms
  • 20 Pack White Tips
  • 20 Pack Clear Tips
  • 20 Pack Natural Tips
  • 0.25 oz Primer Pen
  • 0.5 oz/ 15 ml Dehydrator
  • 100/100 Grit File
  • 150/150 Grit File
  • 180/180 Grit White File
  • 180/240 Grit White Thin File
  • 240/240 Grit White File
  • 180/240 Gray Foam Buffer
  • 1000/4000 Hi-Shine Buffer
  • Oval Sculpting Brush #10
  • 6 ml Brush-On Glue Dapping Dish
acrylic professional kit

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